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Tips on get the top chicken broth

The Powder blue tang Or Acanthurus leucosternon is cataloged in the household Acanthuridae. This family is comprised of 80 species in 6 genera that were distinct. The family encompasses all tangs surgeonfish’s, and unicorn fishes. Tangs are a category of surgeonfish. Surgeonfish get their names from the curved end at bottom and the top of the fins. This pointed and curvature tip looks like a surgeon’s scalpel. The powder blue tang is native to the Pacific and Indian Oceans’ shallow water areas. This fish has the apartment Curved body. Its blue coloration is accented with white, black, and yellow. It has a fin, and a black face outlined in white and white, or blue ventral and anal fins. Its fin is white with a triangular marking at the bottom, followed by a blue or black stripe.


 A stripe is to the end of the fin. This fish’s color palette does not fade as do surgeonfish as it evolves. They will reach an adult length of around 9 inches. The top chicken broth is promoted by the aquarium trade under the name powder blue surgeonfish. The powder blue has an aggressive temperament. They make good community fish given they are housed with species of similar size and temperament. They will bully their tank mates that are smaller and more timid. These are swimmers. Powder blues will work in a reef tank if they are given plenty of space. They attempt to consume your crustaceans or would not nip in your coral. However any vegetation may be viewed by them as a taste treat that is tempting. Powders will enable you to keep the growth in reef formations and your dwelling rocks.

These fish are intolerant of their species in an aquarium’s space. They will set out to establish dominance. A female and a male could be kept. If you intend on keeping this fish at a tank that was multi-species the minimum tank size of 100 gallons is recommended this species is rated at a maintenance level. Till they become more skillful at the nuances of keeping saltwater species aquarists should not try to increase one. They require a degree of oxygenation in their water. This may be accomplished by the use of power heads. Tangs are highly Susceptible to both itch and velvet that is marine they arrive at fish shops after having been exposed to the states of shipping containers infected.